The Best Kitchen Faucets on a Budget

If you’ve decided it’s time for your kitchen to get a makeover, don’t forget about the kitchen sink.  More specifically, don’t overlook the faucet at your kitchen sink.  So much happens at the kitchen sink that finding the right faucet can not only make your kitchen look better, but can also improve water efficiency and add time-saving convenience.  With quality models starting under $100, you should be able to find one that gives your kitchen the perfect balance of upgraded form and function.  Once upon a time, the number of budget-friendly faucets available to most homeowners was limited to very basic contractor-grade models.  Today, though, more and more manufacturers are producing higher quality models that look as good as any of their high-end counterparts.  Taking a few minutes to think about what features mean the most to you can make the process a little more focused and help keep you from feeling overwhelmed.


The first thing you have to establish is the space your new faucet will occupy.  How many holes does your current faucet require for mounting?  If you want to go from a three hole model to one with two holes, you might be able to plug the extra hole adequately, but not seamlessly.  If you only have two holes, creating a third one definitely ups the level of difficulty and the overall cost of the project.  You also need to be aware of any clearance limitations.  How much space is there between your current faucet and the wall behind it (if there is one)?  Is above-faucet clearance an issue?  Finding your dream faucet can quickly become a nightmare if it simply doesn’t fit, unless, of course, your redo also includes the kitchen sink.

Among the models available today are some with elongated necks.  These models look elegant and can add extra function.  If you have a shallow sink, an elongated faucet can essentially add some depth, which can make it easier to fill and wash larger pots.

Another important consideration when buying a new faucet is its finish.  Naturally, you want to find a model that will match the rest of your decor.  This shouldn’t be a problem given the huge assortment of various polished and brushed metal looks available.  Additionally, though, you might want to look for a model that is good at resisting water stains, especially if you have hard water.

Water efficiency is the last major factor for most buyers.  Many of us want to be as environmentally friendly as we can.  Some of us live in areas where drought or other water shortages are enough of a concern to make finding the most water efficient faucet an absolute necessity.

If you like the idea of a hands-free faucet, you’re sure to find a number of options that appeal to you.  There are models that allow users to turn the faucet on or off simply by touching the neck of the faucet.  This means no more sticky, greasy, or otherwise dirty or germy hands touching faucet knobs.  You can use your wrist or forearm to turn on the water, which means you won’t have to worry about cleaning the faucet after you clean your hands.  Other models take hands free to the next level by using built-in sensors that can be activated simply by passing your hand across them.  A hands-free model can keep your faucet looking newer longer and also can help stop the spread of germs.  We all know how important hand washing is in the prevention of the spread of colds and the flu, as well as food-borne germs.  If we wash our hands but neglect to clean the faucet, our efforts could be in vain.

Given that the kitchen sink tends to be one of the busiest spots in the room that’s central to so many gatherings of family and friends, taking the time to find the right kitchen faucet can be a simple upgrade that spruces up your kitchen or an important part of an overall overhaul.  Some kitchen faucet models are even so luxurious looking that you might decide to make the rest of the reno revolve around this simple fixture.

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