Strawberry Hair Mask


A hair mask can bring back life to dry and dull hair. A strawberry hair mask will allow a person to moisturize their hair while adding nutrients as well as a pleasant smell. Now a person can make a strawberry hair mask at home.
To make a strawberry hair mask a person is going to need:
6 strawberries
A little yogurt
Coconut oil
1 egg

Crush the strawberries in a bowl and add a couple of tablespoons full of yogurt. This mixture should look like a taste. Add the egg to the mixture and make sure everything is mixed well. Add a touch of coconut oil. This will help make the hair shine.
Apply this mask to the hair starting at the roots. Massage it into the hair for 5 minutes. Cover the hair with a shower cap and allow the mixture to sit on the hair for half an hour. Wash out the mixture with cold water and then condition as normal. This mask will make the hair healthy, shiny, and soft to the touch.